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Top 5 Android GPS Apps

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You are traveling and do not know the way? Your Android smartphone can help you reach your destination. We will help you in choosing the best GPS for Android. One of the greatest attributes of smartphones is its GPS functionality. A few years ago, the GPS was used almost exclusively in the context of driving. But that scenario has changed radically in recent years.

Good android gps apps also were not exactly accessible, with regard to the price, which made them unattractive for a large part of the population. Fortunately, today we have at our disposal various applications GPS for Android.Including many Android applications Free GPS with maps of Portugal.

Free Gps Applications For Android:

Google Maps


It is true that we started this list the most obvious application ... But as it is already in the minds of almost everyone, it seemed a good starting point.

The truth is that Google Maps may not be the best GPS for Android, but it is certainly the best known.One of the main advantages of Google Maps is that available maps in offline mode, which allows us to have access to GPS navigation in a given area, even without an active data connection.In order us to use this feature, just have to pre-select an area and hold your download.This is an excellent solution for when we travel to a foreign city and we know our smartphone will not have access to a data plan.

Furthermore, Google Maps has several other advantages such as ease of use, millions of points of interest, etc.However, this also has some limitations, mainly with regard to their use offline.The maps unloaded for our smartphone, for use in offline mode are excluded automatically after 30 days.

This means it is not convenient to prepare the maps long before the trip and that on longer stays can be without access to our precious maps.Another disadvantage is the sheer size of these maps. Its maximum radius is 10 km, which can be somewhat limited in some situations.

In conclusion, this is not the best free Android GPS, but it's still a very competent solution.

Price: Free
Specifications: Varies with device



Navfree is the best GPS for Android and to be honest.As we begin this Android GPS just got the first good news. The application works in offline mode so you only have to download the desired map and we are ready to go in search.

There I scroll down until you find the map of Portugal and receive more good news.The map is recent and was last updated less than a month.This Android GPS is quite effectively.The Map 2013 Portugal has about 137 MB, so it is advisable to perform the download via Wi-Fi, or threatens to consume much of the ceiling of their data plans.

The maps are composed of Navfree datasets created by users in OpenStreetMap and it is free.This platform works a bit like Wikipedia. That is, the community is responsible for creating all the information.In this way, it also needs a bit of caution.

You can also upgrade to the version without ads (1.74 Euro). In this way, we get a more clean and pleasant interface.

Price: Free
Specifications: Android 2.3 or higher



The MapDroyd is an extremely simple and lightweight application to use. But sometimes in the course of our travels, we need to know quickly where we are. With MapDroyd only need a few seconds to know exactly where you are.

Basically, MapDroyd is an Android GPS to be used mainly in specific situations.

Price: Free Specifications: Android 2.2 or higher

Paid Gps Applications For Android:

Sygic: Gps Navigation


Sygic is one of the contenders for the title of best GPS for Android. A proof of the value of this application is the fact that the GPS Android with more functions offline unloaded all over the world.

This means that the Sygic works only with GPS and does not require an Internet connection.

This GPS Android uses the excellent TomTom maps, which ensures a high quality and an excellent level of accuracy.

Sygic is notable for presenting features such as turn by turn navigation, intersections display and an indication of speed limits and information about the presence of cameras.

You can experience that for many is the best Android android gps app through the test version which is available on Google Play.

Price: Depends on the map bought
Specifications: Android 1.2 or higher

Tomtom Iberia


TomTom has always been at the forefront in the development of GPS applications for mobile devices, so finding this application among the best GPS for Android is not surprising

This application presents a myriad of attributes, promising to satisfy even the most demanding users.TomTom maps work offline, which means they are always available.It is also important to note that the maps are lifelong and that users can download multiple updates annually.

Some of the most relevant features of this GPS for Android are; information on speed cameras, multitasking operation, day and night mode, 2D and 3D view.

You can install one of the best GPS for Android by $ 29.99.

Price: $ 29.99
Specifications: Android 2.2 or higher
For thousands of users, it is indispensable to have android gps apps on your phone.

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