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Samsung Galaxy S4 Announced Most Rumours Confirmed

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At its press launch today at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Samsung globally announced their Samsung Galaxy S4 device, confirming many of the rumours that have been circulating.

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In their usual pizzazzy fashion, Samsung demonstrated the various different features of the new Galaxy S4; which makes sense considering the features will be the main differentiating factors of the powerhouse smartphones of today.

Firstly, for the geeks among us, the Galaxy S4 has the following confirmed specifications: a 5″ Super AMOLED Full HD Display, 2GB Ram, either 16GB / 32GB or 64GB of storage space upgradeable by MicroSD, the Exynos 5 Octa-core processor (Or the 1.9GHz Qualcomm Quad-core depending on region), a 13MP Camera and only weighing in at 130 Grams. We expect the South African market to receive the higher-spec Octa-core versions as has usually been the case with previous versions of the Samsung S Range.

For the average everyday consumer, the important bits are the features it packs in. We will give a brief overview of the important ones, and go into more detail once we review the device in the near future.

Firstly, let’s talk about the new features available for the camera … possibly the most used extra on a smartphone today.

The first new feature is the Dual View photo system, whereby you can take a photo out of both the front and back camera at the same time … ensuring you capture everyone in the shot. You can also choose which camera acts as the primary image, and which the secondary. Furthermore, you can use this feature while snapping video and interchange with an active recording happening.

The second new feature is a voice over recording, which records the sounds around you as you snap a photo and stores that information together with the photo to crease, as Samsung says, a more immersive experience. This may possibly redefine the next level of photo-sharing … giving a new layer of immersiveness beyond simply geo-tagging for example.

The third feature is the ability to snap up to 100 photographs in 4 seconds, a whopping 25 Frames per second, and then blend these into one photo demonstrating motion of the subject. An awesome feature which used to require some mastery in photoshop … until now.

There are also many nifty, creative features such as the ability to erase backgrounds, or even change backgrounds ensuring the subject of your photo can “go” where they please without ever leaving the living room.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 also gives you the ability to create story albums … a great feature which will organize your photos into memorable albums. Now the next time you go on holiday, your photo’s will no longer be a jumbled mess … provided you use a Samsung Galaxy S4 of course.

There are also a multitude of little features here and there which will be fun to use in your everyday life, even going as far as to ease your life in some scenarios:

A great feature for those of you tired of trying to transfer data from your non-android smartphone to a Galaxy, will welcome Samsung’s smart data transfer software which does as it is called … transfers your data from any smart OS to your Samsung Galaxy S4.

The screen incorporates the Air View feature as seen in the Galaxy Note II, as well as be usable while still wearing gloves.

The Samsung Homesync will allow you to sync your media files across multiple platforms at home. Furthermore, the group play system will allow up to 8 of you to simultaneiously play the same song in sync to enjoy your music, while you are annoying the patron’s at that restaurant you are in. A great feature indeed … no more holding up your phone to someone’s ear to listen to your music.

Samsung is also incorporating S Translate, a system which let’s you actively translate speech and photos of written words in up to 10 different languages … a tourist’s dream. What’s more, 1000′s of phrases are already built into the device, meaning an internet connection isn’t necessarily required.

Samsung is also including Enterprise level security, with their system called Knox. This will also allow you to dual-purpose your phone for both business and home, allowing you to separate your interfaces for each use. This is sure to be popular in the corporate world, and with enough support … may find itself filling the Blackberry space … although this is still to be seen.

With all that has been said, the Samsung Galaxy S4 looks to be an excellent device and it remains to be seen how the usability compares to that of the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z, both of which are also highly specced … although not with 8 core processors!! I do imagine the Samsung will win hands down in a benchmarking contest.

Samsung mentioned that the device will begin launching worldwide from the end of April, and we can most likely expect to see a South African launch also towards the end of april, or early in May.


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Itai Etzman
2017-03-12 04:46:40

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Around mid May I think.

Hilton Bartkunsky
2017-03-10 04:45:37

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When can we expect it in SA?

2017-03-01 04:43:41

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Announced Most Rumours Confirmed

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